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The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission is requesting proposals from qualified proponents to provide: community consultation; signage design; fabrication and installation of community gateway signs. 

The contract will be awarded to the proposal deemed to be the most favourable to the interests of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission (the “Commission”). The Commission reserves the right to reject any or all proposals. The Commission also reserves the right to negotiate scope and price with the selected preferred proponent, without obligation to any other proponent. The Commission shall not be obligated in any manner to any proponent whatsoever until a written agreement has been duly signed.

Proposals should be sent or emailed to:

Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission

Attn: Tim Rissesco, CEO

17 Prince St. Plaza 3, Dartmouth NS, B2Y 4W2

All proposals must be received by 3:00 p.m. Tuesday, September 12, 2023.   


If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Tim Rissesco, CEO at 902-466-2997 or by email at


The proponent must complete community consultation, design, fabricate and install two community gateway signs. Removal and potential disposal of existing signs are required. The sign must be a product of high quality and durability that can withstand extreme cold and warm temperatures, extreme variations in temperature and wind, be vandal resistant, user-friendly, and have easily accessible parts. Support and warranty must also be provided including terms. Must be appropriate size to be clearly legible to drivers and must take into consideration:

  • speed limit of traffic

  • viewing distance

  • sign/height elevation

  • content


Proponents are required to determine existing conditions of the site and make the appropriate allowances when preparing and submitting a proposal. The information provided is the best available at the time proposals are solicited. Proponents shall use the available information as a basis for any proposal. The proponent shall allow for any conditions deemed reasonable and appropriate for the performance of the work as outlined in the Request for Proposal and incorporate such reasonable allowances in the proposal.

A proposal shall be prepared and submitted at the sole expense of the proponent without cost to the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission. All proposals received by the Commission become property of the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission and as such are subject to possible Access to Information requests.


Proposals must contain sufficient detail to support the project being proposed. Incomplete submissions may not be considered. Any clarification of a proposal by a proponent shall not be effective until confirmation has been delivered in writing. In conducting clarification/discussion with proponents, there shall be no disclosure of any information derived from proposals from competing proponents.


The successful proponent shall be required to enter into an agreement with the Commission, the execution of which shall be a condition of final and binding acceptance of the preferred proposal, and such agreement shall incorporate the proponent’s proposal as performance and implementation criteria.

General Requirements

All pricing proposed must have applicable permits, fees, licenses and other ancillary costs included.

The proposal submission is irrevocable and open for acceptance by the Commission until sixty (60) days after the closing of the proposal.

Proposal Response Format

To facilitate the analysis of response to this RFP, proponents are required to prepare their proposals in accordance with the instructions outlined in this document.

Proponents whose proposals deviate from these instructions may be considered non-responsive and may be disqualified at the discretion of the Commission.

Proposals should be prepared as simply as possible and provide a straightforward, concise description of the proponent’s capabilities to satisfy the requirements of the RFP. All parts, pages, figures, and tables must be numbered and labeled clearly. The proposal should be organized into the following major parts:

Document One: Qualification Submittal

1. Executive Summary

2. Company Background

3. Project Experience (include photos)

4. Client References

Document Two: Cost Submittal

1. Consultation Plan, Timeline and Pricing
2. Design Plan, Timeline, and Pricing
3. Fabrication & Installation Plan, Timeline, and Pricing
4. Contract Terms and Conditions

Instructions relative to each part of the response to this RFP are defined in the remainder of this section. Failure to closely follow the proposal format shall be cause for rejection of the proposal.

Executive Summary (Document One, Section 1)
This part of the response to the RFP should be limited to a brief narrative describing how your company (and possibly subcontractors) is qualified for this project. The summary should contain as little technical language as possible and should be oriented toward non-technical personnel. 

The Executive Summary should not include cost quotations. If the proponent utilizes any third party subcontractors, information for those subcontractors must be submitted in the following sections as well.


Company Background (Document One, Section 2)
Proponents must provide the following information about their company so that the Commission can evaluate the proponent’s ability to support commitments set forth in the response to the RFP. The Commission, at its option, may require a proponent or subcontractor to provide additional documentation to support and/or clarify requested information.

The proponent should describe the company and any subcontractor’s background including:

  • How long the company has been in business

  • A brief description of the company, including past history, present status, etc. 

  • Company size and organization

  • Location of company headquarters

  • Please identify specific proponent and subcontractor representatives that will be assigned to this project, their roles and backgrounds 


Project Experience (Document One, Section 3)
The proponent shall provide a list of similar projects that were designed, fabricated or installed within the past five years and include photos of these projects. Ground sign experience is preferred.


Client References (Document One, Section 4)
Include in your proposal a list of three or more customers for whom the proponent has provided ground signs. The Commission is particularly interested in local government or Business Improvement District examples. 


Information must include the following:

  • Name of client with contact person with phone and email address

  • Description and date of service that the proponent provided

  • Any photos of work provided


Consultation Plan, Timeline and Pricing (Document Two, Section 1)
The proponent must provide, as part of the response, a detailed community/stakeholder consultation plan, timeline and all pricing associated with the consultation. The community/stakeholder consultation should determine: how the community sees itself today; how the community would like to see itself represented today and into the future; and what landmarks and/or elements it would like to see highlighted.  The consultation should engage the community/stakeholders in the process through in-person events, online surveys and with meeting with the Board and membership of the Commission. No additional charges shall be made. Prices quoted should include all costs for meetings, design time, and presentation to Board of Directors or Project Committee (excluding any venue rental, printing / mounting of presentation materials or reports, food and drink or AV support costs). If a subcontractor will be used during the design process, please include contact information and services performed by the subcontractor. 


Design Plan, Timeline, and Pricing (Document Two, Section 2)
The proponent must provide, as part of the response, a detailed design plan, timeline and all pricing associated with design. No additional charges shall be made. Prices quoted should include all costs for meetings, design time, and presentation to Board of Directors or Project Committee. If a subcontractor will be used during the design process, please include contact information and services performed by the subcontractor. 


Fabrication & Installation Plan, Timeline, and Pricing (Document Two, Section 3)
The proponent must provide, as part of the response, a detailed plan for the fabrication and installation including a timeline. Due to the unknowns of the sign design it is unlikely that any proponent will be able to respond with a per unit cost. Please respond with your hourly rates regarding fabrication and installation. Please include any additional fees or rates that would be associated with fabrication and installation. If a subcontractor will be used during the fabrication and installation stage, please include contact information and services performed by the subcontractor. Implementation will not occur until all contract(s) are signed.


Contract Terms and Conditions (Document Two, Section 4)
The proponent is to state any exceptions to the conditions listed and add any conditions/terms deemed important by the proponent. Any forms and contracts the proponent proposes to include as part of any agreement resulting from this proposal must be submitted as part of the proposal. This requirement includes, but is not limited to, the following types of forms: licensing agreements, maintenance contracts, and systems support agreements. Inclusion of contracts does not imply acceptance of that contract format and/or verbiage by the Commission.


The overall budget for all elements of the project is $35,000. Proponents must retain at least $12,000 of the $35,000 project budget for fabrication and installation.  If a proponent would like to contribute more to the project, their in-kind contribution would be recognized by the Commission on its website.


Any change or clarifications to questions raised during the RFP period will be posted on the Commission website ( by means of written addenda.

Cost of Preparation of a Proposal
Proponents shall be solely responsible for their own expenses in preparation and submission of a proposal and in subsequent negotiations, clarifications, if any, with the Commission.

Evaluation of Proposals
In order to fully explore all available options, creative and imaginative proposals are encouraged. Proponents will be scored on the following evaluation criteria and weighting scale. 

Proponents must meet all minimum thresholds identified: 

Experience and Key Personnel 8/15

Service and Aftercare 8/15

Design 10/20

Fabrication and Installation 10/20

Cost 20/30

The final score will act as the basis for proponent selection. Proposals will NOT be evaluated solely on cost. Selection of a successful proponent will be determined by the Commission in its sole discretion to be the proposal which is most beneficial to the interests of the Commission. All proposals will be evaluated for completeness and suitability by a selection committee comprised of the staff and Board members of the Commission. Following the evaluation, the Board of Directors will vote to confirm the selection committee's recommended proponent. 


Right to Cancel
The Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission in its sole discretion reserves the right to cancel this RFP at any point in time until a signed agreement is executed with a successful proponent and the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission. The Commission and its agents will not be held liable for any expenses that may have been incurred by the contractor or its agents or affiliates for this RFP should an agreement not occur.

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