Trevor Parsons: Selling Dartmouth Laurissa Manning: Journey to the Core Scott Forbes: Creative Minds Barry Ring: Mac Man Caroline MacLeod: Fresh Face, Fresh Bread Joel Plaskett: Feels Like Dartmouth Hannah Minzloff: Inspiring Roots Terry Doiron: Dartmouth by Design Joe MacDonald: Runs in the Family Bradley Neiforth: What makes a community Tara MacDonald: Coffee and Dreams

Trevor Parsons: Selling Dartmouth

Because we're on the harbour and just a ferry ride, bridge walk, bike ride or, if you must, a car ride to Downtown Halifax, Downtown Dartmouth is only going to get better.  

Trevor Parsons is both downtown…

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Laurissa Manning: Journey to the Core

“The destination isn’t so important, it’s what you learn and find along the journey”, responds Laurissa Manning when asked to share the values behind her downtown Dartmouth fitness and nutrition business titled Core Essentials.…

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Scott Forbes: Creative Minds

July 1st is celebrated as Canada Day by most across the nation; however, this day holds additional meaning for Scott Forbes and the team at Ocean Art Custom Tattooing. This past July marked the fifth anniversary of Scott’s shop. The patriotic…

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Barry Ring: Mac Man

The famous Mac versus PC tossup was a decision Barry Ring made with ease. Ring, owner of Mac East describes the first time he touched a Macintosh computer, “After learning what a Mac could do in 1989, I gave my PC away. I thought; who would…

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Caroline MacLeod: Fresh Face, Fresh Bread

Caroline MacLeod began 2013 by turning a dream into a reality as she opened the doors of Caroline’s Bakery & Patisserie. Sitting at 79 Alderney Dr. young entrepreneur, MacLeod offers a mouthwatering spread of baked goods and lunches. Not…

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Joel Plaskett: Feels Like Dartmouth

Joel Plaskett is an international award winning singer songwriter who has made Downtown Dartmouth his home since 2002. He was attracted by the balance and the charm of the place, which Joel says reminds him of his roots in rural Nova Scotia.

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Hannah Minzloff: Inspiring Roots

Hannah Minzloff is a photo-based artist living and creating in Downtown Dartmouth. Her art focuses on telling the stories unfolding around her.

For Hannah, a strong community means having a safe place to live, work, play and walk. She…

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Terry Doiron: Dartmouth by Design

As a native of Moncton, New Brunswick Terry didn’t limit herself to a specific area when she began looking for a place to launch her business, Oakleaf Interiors in 1998. She points out, “Downtown Dartmouth is waterfront property. How could…

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Joe MacDonald: Runs in the Family

A business partnership may be a challenge for many father/son duos but Joe and Aaron MacDonald have found a rhythm that works. With over 30 years of financial planning experience and as a business owner it was hard for son, Aaron not to acquire an…

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Bradley Neiforth: What makes a community

After 74 years in business serving the greater Halifax area, Nieforth’s Furniture has seen a few changes to Downtown Dartmouth. “It’s all cyclical,” says Bradley Nieforth. Adding, “We’re on the up swing now. The…

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Tara MacDonald: Coffee and Dreams

When Two If By Sea Café opened its doors in 2010, “Things literally took off,” says co-owner Tara MacDonald. “People took ownership on the first day. We never dreamed it would be like this.”

When choosing their…

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Free Fitness Wednesday`s

July 17, 2014 09:57 am Free Fitness Wednesday`s

Starting July 16th the Downtown Dartmouth Business Commission will be offering free no sweat fitness class every Wednesday all summer long. These classes will be lead by one of Core Essential`s great instructors and will be located at Ferry Terminal Park or inside Alderney Landing when raining. These…

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Summer Events List

July 17, 2014 08:56 am Summer Events List

Oven Saturdays
Park Avenue Community Oven

Leighton Dillman Park
Every Saturday 11:30am to 3pm (weather dependent)


Alderney Landing Farmers Market

Every Wednesday 9am to 3pm
Every Saturday 8am to 1pm
Every Sunday…

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